At Red Dog Scaffolding we supply all of our own scaffolding gear, installed by our professional team at a high standard for your safety and peace of mind. Once your project begins incorporating height, scaffolding becomes mandatory for Work Safety standards. Our Kwik-stage Steel Modular Scaffolding is an invaluable asset for construction: It can be built on virtually any site foundations and can be erected around most obstacles. From simple to complex projects, we’re here to assist you with all of your scaffolding needs.

Qualified, on time and proffessional

Labour Hire

Red Dog Scaffolding can offer a complete contract price or competitive hourly rates for your scaffold projects.

Our experienced and qualified scaffolders have High Risk licenses including Advanced Scaffolding, Working at Heights & Confined Spaces.

Please contact us for further details on our competitive hourly rates.

Scaffolding is our Profession

The labour force and supervisors at Red Dog Scaffolding take our commitment to quality seriously. Our commitment to the safety of our workers and the job site is priority. We provide Safe Work Method Statements specific for sites, run Toolbox meetings and keep constant communication with our labour force to ensure on time and on budget projects.


Next Step, book a Site Visit

Let us assist you! Starting with a customised quotation. Once you have reached out to us, our standard protocol is to arrange a site visit with our advanced scaffolding professional at a time that suits you.

A site visit is important for both residential and commercial projects. A simple visit allows us to understand your exact scaffolding requirements, and assess the site for any foundational, structural or access issues to factor into your quote. We understand your schedule may not allow for personally meeting us for the visit… therefore, another option is for us to contact you whilst at the site, to clarify your requirements over the phone. Please note, we can provide an estimation without a site visit, however, we believe the best method is book in a site visit (depending on the site, it will rarely exceed 20 minutes) to reduce unexpected additional fees associated with your unique project/site. We can often provide an accurate quote from architectural plans, if available simply email them through to


Please see our sample quote below for some insight into the standard items that factor into our quotations

Quotes for scaffolding include: labour hire for the installation and dismantle of scaffolding, rental fees for the scaffolding gear, transportation to and from your site and our yard located in Brighton Le Sands, as well as a small (2%) surcharge for high risk liability insurance. Additional fees will depend on your specific requests and/or requirements. (Additional fees may include: stair access, mesh or chain-wire installation, encapsulation labour hire, difficult access fees for hauling gear, etc.)

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