We specialize in steel modular scaffolding as a framework for encapsulation
What is encapsulation?
Encapsulation is the containment of a structure (such as steel modular scaffolding) to contain substances or prevent weathering (provide shelter) to a project.
We confidently utilize a range of encapsulation materials to suit your needs.
We regularly work with Monoflex, Magniflex, as well as heat treatable materials to completely contain your projects via a ‘shrink wrap’ process.
What is encapsulation used for? 
We work with a diverse range of clientele requiring encapsulation for many different projects ranging from sand blasting commercial sites to simpler requirements such as sheltering a pool.
Scaffold Encapsulation is most commonly used for:
  • Weather protection such as on construction sites
  • Containment of substances in public or residential building sites
Encapsulation is highly versatile, and can be used for a range of different reasons.
We are always keen to work on a unique project, so if your project requires encapsulation, we’d love to hear from you!